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About us


Timberchain is a community helping to promote legal timber using online tools and blockchain technology.


International import regulations in the EU, USA and Australia have been implemented to reduce the importing of illegal timber. These regulations have meant the cost of exporting has risen and importers will only work with trusted suppliers who can prove their timber is legal.


Our objective is to promote legal timber at a low cost and maximise access to all markets for our members.


We are a technology company focused on developing tools for forestry companies who want to promote their legal timber in a cost-efficient way.


We help producers, processors, exporters and importers to collect supply chain information about the timber products they are selling as they move through the supply chain.


Using Blockchain technology we can prove, with confidence, that the timber has originated from a legal origin.


If your timber is legal and need help promoting it to new markets then get in touch and create your first Digital Passport today using T  I M B E R C H A I N!