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Promoting legal timber

Create a Digitial Passport and prove the legal origin of your timber.

Timberchain is an online chain of custody tool providing importers and exporters with a low cost traceability system to help promote legal timber.




Use the Digital Passport as part of your Due Diligence system to reduce your risk of importing illegal timber.

Make life easier for your customers. Use the Digital Passport to prove the legal origin of your timber.

How to create a Digital Passport?

1. Map your chain of custody online

Create a site for each location in your chain of custody.

2. Create a waybill between two locations

Transport your timber from one location to another.

3. Create a Digital Passport

Send your customer the Digital Passport showing the journey of your timber back to its origin.  

4. Access new markets

Meet the legal requirements for importing timber in the USA, EU and Australia

Site home page

Each site in your chain of custody has a homepage detailing a map with it's physical location and a table showing your stock of available species.


From the site home page you can:


  • Create a new waybill

  • View all of the way bills you have sent and received.